The following overview shows the 111 sites of the serial World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps". The sites with photos are already available. The sites with grey placeholders will be released gradually until 26.06.2021 as part of our countdown   in occasion to the 10th anniversary of the World Heritage Site.

UNESCO ID Name Municipality Country
CH-TG-05 Nussbaumersee Huttwilen  
CH-VD-02 Pointe de Montbec I Chabrey    
CH-VD-03 La Bessime Chevroux    
CH-VD-04 Village Chevroux    
CH-VD-05 Stations de Concise Corcelles pres concice    
CH-VD-10 Les Violes Grandson Corcelettes    
CH-VD-11 Les Roseaux Morges    
CH-VD-12 Stations de Morges Morges    
CH-VD-13 Chenevieres de Guevaux I Mur    
CH-VD-15 Baie de Clendy Yverdon les Bains    
CH-VD-16 Le Marais Yvonand    
CH-ZG-04 Oterswil / Insel Eielen Zug    
CH-ZG-05 Riedmatt Zug    
CH-ZG-06 Sumpf Zug    
CH-ZH-01 Winkel Erlenbach  
CH-ZH-02 Storen Wildsberg Greifensee  
CH-ZH-06 Rorenhaab Meilen  
CH-ZH-07 Vorder Au Wadenswil  
CH-ZH-08 Robenhausen Wetzikon  
CH-ZH-09 Zürich - Alpenquai Zurich