A completely preserved wooden scoop in the settlement waste © Amt für Städtebau – Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich

  Meilen  |     Rorenhaab

Short Description
This site was first recorded and described in 1854, by the pioneering pile dwelling researcher, Ferdinand Keller. Its rich and deep stratigraphy of cultural sediments is an excellent archive of pre-history across many epochs. Rorenhaab also belongs to a micro-region that includes several other sites, and offers us new insights into ancient settlement patterns and dynamics.

Neolithic / Bronze Age

3rd - 1st millenium B.C.

Lake Zürichsee

404 m.a.s.l

Size of the site 0,7 ha / approx. 1 soccer pitch

Size of the bufferzone 4,8 ha / approx. 7 soccer pitches

Special Features & Highlights
Origin of the pile dwelling research in Switzerland

The site contains evidence of settlements between 3900 and 900 BC © Amt für Städtebau – Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich

Current Activities
Renewal of the protection measures.

Pile Dwellings up close

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