At the bottom of the lake, small perches search for food in a Late Bronze Age vessel © Kantonsarchäologie Aargau

  Beinwil am See  |     Agelmoos

Short description
The site was discovered on what used to be a small island near the western shore of Lake Hallwil during underwater surveying in 1996. The settlement area only measured 30 by 50 m. Piles and horizontal timbers as well as at least three settlement layers were identified. Some potsherds dating from the period between 4400 and 4100 BC show that the Ägelmoos site was one of the earliest lake dwelling settlements on the Swiss Plateau. More recent finds dated from the Early (around 1850–1650 BC) and Late (around 1050–950 BC) Bronze Ages.

"Pile Dwellings in Switzerland" © gsk 2017

Neolithic / Bronze Age

4th millenium B.C. / 2nd millenium B.C.

Lake Hallwilersee

446 m.a.s.l.

Size of the site 0,96 ha / approx. 1 soccer pitch

Size of the bufferzone 10,5 ha / approx. 10 soccer pitches

Special features & highlights
One of the oldest pile dwelling settlements in Switzerland.

Current activities
Publication is planned in 2021.

Pile Dwellings up close
The site is freely accessible. Finds are exhibited in the Burghalde Museum in Lenzburg.

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