The following overview shows the 111 sites of the serial World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps". The sites with photos are already available. The sites with grey placeholders will be released gradually until 26.06.2021 as part of our countdown   in occasion to the 10th anniversary of the World Heritage Site.

UNESCO ID Name Municipality Country
CH-GE-03 Bourg Versoix    
CH-LU-01 Egolzwil 3 Egolzwil    
CH-LU-03 Seematte Hitzkirch    
CH-LU-06 Halbinsel Sursee    
CH-NE-01 Sauges Port Conty Saint Aubin    
CH-NE-02 Les Argilliez Gorgier    
CH-NE-04 L?Abbaye 2 Bevaix    
CH-NE-06 La Saunerie Auvernier  
CH-NE-07 Les Graviers Auvernier    
CH-NW-01 Kehrsiten Stansstad  
CH-SG-01 Feldbach Rapperswil Jona / Hombrechtikon  
CH-SG-02 Technikum Rapperswil Jona / Hombrechtikon  
CH-SH-01 Weier I?III Thayngen    
CH-SO-01 Burgaschisee Ost Aeschi SO  
CH-SO-02 Inkwilersee Insel Bolken / Inkwil  
CH-SZ-01 Hurden Rosshorn Freienbach  
CH-SZ-02 Hurden Seefeld Freienbach    
CH-TG-01 Bleiche 2-3 Arbon  
CH-TG-03 Insel Werd Eschenz  
CH-TG-04 Egelsee Gachnang Niederwil