The site is located in a buoy field, which strongly affects the settlement remains © Kantonsarchäologie Zürich, Simon Vogt

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Short description
The site is one of the most important Late Bronze Age sites in central Europe on account of its size, its extraordinary rich assemblage of finds and its unique organic finds and architectural components. It was settled from 1050 to 800 BC. The most recent phase is of particular importance because it dates from the transition between the Bronze and Iron Ages. At that time, the metal (bronze) which had previously been used to make tools (bronze) is gradually replaced by iron

Bronze Age

2nd - 1st millenium B.C.

Lake Zürichsee

404 m.a.s.l

Size of the site 2,93 ha / approx. 4 soccer pitches

Size of the bufferzone 17,4 ha / approx. 23 soccer pitches

Special Features & Highlights
Richness of finds, evidence for the late phase of the Late Bronze Age

Delicate finds like this box have been excellently preserved over 3000 years © Amt für Städtebau - Unterwasserarchäologie