The headland and shore plate comprises the northern part of the settlement © Kantonsarchäologie Zürich, S. Vogt

  Greifensee  |     Storen Wildsberg

Short Description
This extensive site with excellently preserved cultural sediments is located in the protected zone of Lake Greifensee and harbors a wealth of scientific potential for future research. For example, the site was built above a slanting sea floor, which must have caused special challenges, and poses interesting questions about their construction. Among the discovered artifacts is a piece of wound-up copper wire and a copper dagger, dating to the Pfyn culture, which reveal the early metalworking practices in the region.


4th - 3rd millenium B.C.

Lake Greifensee

433 m.a.s.l.

Size of the site 9,59 ha / approx. 13 soccer pitches

Size of the bufferzone 11,7 ha / approx. 16 soccer pitches

Special Features & Highlights
Copper finds

Seaward sloping layers and perpendicular piles © Amt für Städtebau - Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich