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Here you can find Information about the various events that are planned by the six member states

We have organized a great program for you, for 2021, but because of the continued COVID-19 restrictions, many of the events and their dates remain tentative, and we will share all of our updates with you, as soon as they are available. But take a look at our Calendar, to get an idea of all the fun things that we are actually planning. The events listed in the “Calendar” are confirmed as shown, with a fixed place and date. The many other events that we have planned are soon listed under “Announcements,” because they do not have a set place and time, yet.

Because of the changing situation with COVID-19, we advise you to check all dates with the event organizers ahead of time. You can contact them for more information and status updates via their provided information.


Sunday, 2021-03-28

Depicted here is the excavation at the Greifensee where the shoes were recovered, and their restauration. But it remains an ongoing investigation, how in fact the Pile Dwellers actually dressed.

Saturday, 2021-04-10

+++ Due to the pandemic situation and the still closed museums, the exhibition opening has been postponed. Further information will follow +++

Monday, 2021-04-12

Take a deep-dive into the history and the work of the underwater archaeology of the UNESCO World Heritage “Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps” in Zurich.

Tuesday, 2021-05-04

Exhibition at Neues Museum Biel: 2011-2021 Happy Birthday, Pfahlbauten!

This year, we are celebrating the 10-Year Jubilee of the UNESCO World Heritage Designation, with a three-part exhibition over a nine week period: we will visit the “Land-of-three-Lakes” where we will learn the details of the extraordinary discovery of a Neolithic slingshot in Lake Neuenburger, find out about prehistoric social networks and social mobility, and wonder about the booming market for archaeological counterfeits during the 19th century.” For more information click here

Saturday, 2021-06-12

Workshop: The Ehrenstein Disk

In this workshop archaeologist Hannes Wiedman will help participants to make an Ehrenstein Disk. These decorated limestone disks are unique to our site, and their function is still unclear. Booking is required.

For further information please contact the website of the "Förderverein Steinzeitdorf Ehrenstein e.V."








Sunday, 2021-06-13

Family Day with Pile Dweller Theme

Expert handcraft demonstrations and hands-on activities on the subject of pile dwellers in the Allerheiligen Museum, at the original site, and in front of there constructed pile dwelling house. Exciting facts, games and fun for the whole family.










Sunday, 2021-06-27

World Heritage Celebration Day in Ehrenstein

We celebrate 10 years of UNESCO World Heritage status and invite everybody to join us! The program includes hands-on activities, information, a puppet theatre and plenty of yummy snacks for children and adults.

For further information please have a look at the website of the "Förderverein Steinzeitdorf Ehrenstein e.V."

Saturday, 2021-07-03

World Heritage Information Day on Rose Island

Several info points, boat tours, and lectures will provide first-hand information on Prehistoric Pile Dewellings, the work and equipment of scientific divers, and the Rose Island as part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.






Saturday, 2021-08-28

10 Years UNESCO „Pile Dwellings Around the Alps” World Heritage Site

A guided boat ride tour to the pile dwelling sites at Greifensee, with Beat Eberschweller, Head of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage of the Kanton Zurich, and Apéro. In cooperation of Swiss Archaeology and the ADZH. Reservation mandatory. Limited participants.





Saturday, 2021-09-11

In the traditional “Plauschregatta”, a not-so-serious boating race on the Greifensee, even log boats are represented; the most common means of transportation across water of the pile dwellers.

Saturday, 2021-09-11

Workshop: Bows, arrows and hunting

In this two-day workshop with bowmaker Jürgen Junkmanns, participants will make their own neolithic bows and arrows. On Sunday, we will have an afternoon with target practice, an exhibition and lots of info on prehistoric archery and hunting.
For further information please contact the website of the "Förderverein Steinzeitdorf Ehrenstein e.V."


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