Cabinet Exhibition at Le Trésor of the Thurgau Museum for Archaeology in Frauenfeld

Museum für Archäologie Thurgau, Frauenfeld (Museum für Archäologie Freiestrasse 24 8510 Frauenfeld)

The Legendary Tower of Güttingen
The prehistoric site “Mäuseturm” is located about 240 meters from the shore of Güttingen at Lake Bodensee, on a shallow shoal. Over the course of seasonal excavations of the site, during the years 2017 to 2020, about 3000 square meters of the lake floor were examined and documented. The archaeological divers recovered 2485 prehistoric pieces of worked timber, as well as items made of gold, silver and bronze. For the first time on display is the Silver Measuring Bell of the Lake!

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