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The lakeside settlement of Abtsdorf I is located on a shoal on the north-western shore of Lake Attersee, today at a water depth of 2.1 to 2.8m. It can be assumed that the water level was lower at the time of use and that the settlement therefore stood on a peninsula. It covers an area of about 80m x 90m and is the only Austrian pile dwelling site that dates to the turn of the Early to the Middle Bronze Age, which makes it particularly valuable for research. The settlement is in good condition except for craters caused by anchor buoys of sailing ships.

Âge du Bronze

vers 1650 av. J.-C.

Lac d'Attersee

469 m

Taille du site 1,1 ha / environ 2 terrains de foot

Taille du zone tampon 91,43 ha / environ 128 terrains de foot

Particularités & points forts
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Reliable C-14 dating of Abtsdorf Ito the turn of the Early Bronze Age to Middle Bronze Age, makes it particularly special, because it is the only verified lakeside settlement from this period in Austria. The site also contains artefacts that belong to the Neolithic time. This points to a multiphase settlement history, which could present an important link between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age occupations.

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Activités en cours
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Abtsdorf I is regularly checked for erosion as part of the ongoing monitoring program of the World Heritage pile dwelling sites. These data collections help to identify endangered zones, and develop protective measures against the specific threat to the sites. Regular anchoring buoys of sailing ships, for example, leave craters on the seabed and destroy the hidden remains of the pile dwelling site. A new pilot project, based on the data, now uses an anchoring system that does not interfere with the safety of the monuments.

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