Surveillance de l'érosion et du potentiel de danger sur le site d'Abtsdorf III © Kuratorium Pfahlbauten

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The Neolithic lakeside settlement Abtsdorf III on the north-western shore of Lake Attersee is relatively small, measuring approx. 60 m x 30 m. Like the sitesin Abtsdorf I and Litzlberg-Süd, it is covered bya layer of lake marl. This extensive covering is one of the main reason for its good preservation. Unfortunately, the chains of anchoring buoys continue to dig deep craters into the protective covering layer. According to the present state of knowledge, only a few houses stood here, and only for a short time. The comparison of the three neighbouring pile dwelling sites in such a small area is particularly interesting, even though they were probably not contemporaneous settlements.


3700 - 3500 av. J.-C,

Lac de Attersee

469 m

Taille du site 0,22 ha / environ 1 grand supermarché

Taille du zone tampon 91,43 ha / environ 128 terrains de foot

Particulartés & points forts
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The site of Abtsdorf III is very inconspicuous at first sight. It is very small-scale and the remains of the village ruins are hidden as fine traces in the lake floor sediment. In contrast to most other lakeside pile dwelling settlements, this site was apparently used for only a very limited period of time,and perhaps evenjust once. Because of its apparent transience, the site offers a different picture of prehistoric settlement dynamics on the Austrian lakes. Perhaps in the future, with ever-improving investigation techniques, this site will reveal many more secrets about the archaeology of pile dwelling settlements.

Activités en cours
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The site is regularly checked for erosion as part of the ongoing monitoring program of the World Heritage pile dwelling sites. These data collections help to identify endangered zones,and develop protective measures against the specific threat to the sites. Regular anchoring buoys of sailing ships, for example, leave craters on the seabed and destroy the hidden remains of the pile dwelling site. A new pilot project, based on the data, now uses an anchoring system that does not interfere with the safety of the monuments.

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