Vue d'ensemble du lac Burgäschi © Peter Brotschi, Grenchen

  Aeschi SO  |     Burgaschisee Ost

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The small pile dwelling site located on the eastern shore of Lake Burgäschiwas was discovered in 1943 after the lake level had been lowered. It was excavated with the help of prisoners of war in 1944/45. While the first phase of the site at Burgäschisee-Ost was associated with the Egolzwil Culture, its main phase, dated around 3830 BC, is attributed to the classic Cortaillod Culture. There are also links to a later Corded Ware Culture phase. Furthermore, two horizons were identified which date before the pile dwelling settlements: one was associated with the Magdalenian Culture (15,000–13,500 BC) the other possibly with the end of the Mousterian Culture (around 38,000–37,000 BC).

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4ème millénaire avant J.-C.

lac de Burgäschi

466 m

Taille du site 0,3 ha / environ un demi-terrain de foot

Taille du zone tampon 90,69 ha / environ 127 terrains de foot

Haches en roche
Haches en roche du site Burgäschi-Ost (Cortaillod) © Kantonsarchäologie Solothurn, Jürg Stauffer

Activités en cours
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The site was investigated from 2015-2017 by the University of Bern as part of an international research programme.  A publication is planned.

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actuellement disponible uniquement en langue anglaise
The lake is a natural recreation area with walking paths, a restaurant, lido and boat rental services in the area.

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