Aerial view of the Unfriedshausen site during the excavations © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege, K. Leidorf

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Short Description
The Neolithic settlement of Unfriedshausen is situated in the valley of Loosbach brook, and is a close neighbor to the Neolithic village of Pestenacker. The settlement structure and architecture of both villages is very similar. At Unfriedshausen, archaeologists documented three building phases in the western, as well as the eastern part of the settlement area. At both sites, due to the soil-conditions, prehistoric organic materials like wood, plant residues and textiles, are extraordinarily well preserved. The material culture of both villages is associated with the Neolithic Altheim group.


3813 – approx. 3519 B.C. (Dendrodata)

former side arm of the Lech/Loosbach

563 m.a.s.l.

Size of the site 0,79 ha / approx. 1 soccer pitch

Size of the bufferzone 7,69 ha / approx. 10 soccer pitches

Stone axes from the settlement of Unfriedshausen © Bayerisches Landesamt für Denkmalpflege