The strait between Rapperswil and the Hurden headland has been used as a crossing point for 5,000 years © Kantonsarchäologie Zürich/ Simon Vogt

  Freienbach  |     Hurden Rosshorn

Short Description
This site was not a settlement but a transport route and was located in the shallow neck of the lake between Freienbach Hurden (SZ) and Rapperswil (SG). Piles and construction timbers of various bridges and footbridges were identified and dated using dendrochronology and radiocarbon analysis. The site yielded features from the Horgen period, from the Early (1620–1495 BC), Middle and Late Bronze Ages and from the Hallstatt period (647 BC), the Roman period (AD 165) and the Middle Ages (AD 741).

Neolithic - Middle Ages

3000 B.C. - 800 A.D.

Lake Zürichsee

404 m.a.s.l

Size of the site 4,32 ha / approx. 6 soccer pitches

Size of the bufferzone 20,10 ha / approx. 28 soccer pitches

Special Features & Highlights
Particular finds in the context of a transport route

Only a few structural parts of the various bridges and footbridges have been preserved © Amt für Städtebau – Unterwasserarchäologie Zürich