Eventi 2022

Here you can find Information about the various events that are planned by the six member states in 2022

We have organized a great program for you, for 2022 but because of the continued COVID-19 restrictions, many of the events and their dates remain tentative, and we will share all of our updates with you, as soon as they are available.
Because of the changing situation with COVID-19, we advise you to check all dates with the event organizers ahead of time. You can contact them for more information and status updates via their provided information.

Calendario degli eventi

Giovedì, 2022-11-24

Conference: Archaeological heritage in a changing climate : understanding, preserving and promoting remains in wetland, underwater and in glacial environments.

Giovedì, 2022-07-07

Public evening lecture: "Thurgau: das hölzerne Eldorado am Bodensee. Von der Steinzeit bis vorgestern"

The archaeologist PD Dr. habil. Urs Leuzinger from the Amt für Archäologie Thurgau presents a "wooden journey" through time at selected archaeological sites from the canton of Thurgau where, thanks to excellent preservation conditions, organic material such as wood, seeds and fruits or leather have survived the millennia. Pile dwellings, neolithic combs, roman latrines, ancient panpipe sounds or Empress Eugénie's fragrant tree are companions on this exciting and humorous tour through the wooden Eldorado on Lake Constance. At the end, the ALM is even served a charred archaeological cake for his 30th birthday ...


Martedì, 2022-04-26

Exhibition: Les palafittes alpins - un patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO

With this photographic exhibition, the Musée-Château d'Annecy celebrates the 10th anniversary of the inscription of the prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps on the Unesco World Heritage List and at the same time the presidency by France of the international working group in 2021-2022.

Thirteen very large format photos hung in the courtyard allow you to discover the emblematic sites of France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Aerial and underwater views, photos of archaeological excavations and lake landscapes present unprecedented images of the Alpine palaeoliths, the richness of which you can then discover in the permanent archaeology exhibition rooms.



Mercoledì, 2021-07-28


Isolino Virginia and the territory of Varese between  5600 and 900 BC
A temporary exhibition tells the story of the pile-dwelling settlements that characterized the territory of Varese from Ancient Neolithic to the end of Bronze Age (5600-900 BC): a long occupation testified by researches that started in the 19th century and still going on.